The Book of Sligo is an exciting and unique community-based creative arts initiative scheduled to take place in November 2021. See:

Inspired by the life of Colmcille, the 1500th anniversary of who’s birth occurs in 2021, and his reputed association with the Battle of the Books which is said to have taken place on the lower slopes of Benbulben, The Book of Sligo will be a significant county-wide cultural initiative, and an important part of Sligo’s Decade of Commemoration.  

Featuring contributions from each of Sligo’s 41 recognised civil parishes collected and curated specifically for this project, The Book of Sligo will portray how the landscape of the county has shaped its people, places, history, and culture, and how we in turn have shaped and affected this landscape over several millenniums. Equal in ambition is the delivery of a hard-bound copy of the Book into each of County Sligo’s 24,500 households, a feat that will be accomplished in November this year with the assistance of a county-wide network of local volunteers. 

The delivery of The Book of Sligo project is being co-ordinated through extensive engagement with community and voluntary groups of every kind over the coming months. With the publishing of the Book, community volunteers throughout the county will be called upon to hand-deliver copies to every household in Sligo, subject to relevant health and safety guidelines in effect at that time. Should ongoing restrictions prevent this happening in November, it will then take place as soon as public health and safety conditions allow. 

The delivery by hand of copies of the Book is a key aspect of the project as it will uniquely celebrate and demonstrate the importance of community and our relationship with our neighbours. Though the Book of Sligo was conceived prior to the current pandemic, it will now serve as a reminder of our shared bonds as well as a celebration of our community as we navigate our way through these challenging times. 

Building upon a history of producing and delivering large-scale cultural and community initiatives, the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company has assembled two project teams who are working in tandem to deliver The Book of Sligo. One, an editorial team comprising Sligo-based literary figures, musicians, historians, and archaeologists is responsible for curating the book, and a second, comprised of experienced project organisers and administrators, is responsible for co-ordinating the delivery of the book to every household in the county.

 This will be a unique celebration of Sligo as a people and a community, but we need your help to make it happen. For this reason, we are asking community groups and organisations of every kind, and from every part of the county, to please consider becoming involved. If you are a community leader or member of a local community or voluntary organisation, and are interested in learning how your group might engage with this unique project, please contact us at